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The Problem

The Facts

Plastic Containers and packaging waste in the U.S amounts to almost 14.5 million tons.*

Only 1.9 million tons (13%) are recycled and 10.1 million tons are left in landfills.

These numbers do not even include waste from popular, single-use non-durable products. Let’s take a look at disposable cups as an example of single use waste as well.

Tens of billions of plastic cups are thrown away each year at U.S. restaurants, café’s, and events. Plastic can take up to 1,000 years to decompose.

*Statistics sourced from EPA.gov.

The High Cost of Recycling

Recycling seems like a simple enough process. However, the effort, time, and money needed to recycle the billions of cups and containers used in the United States every year is daunting.

Recycling plastic products costs more than it does to produce them.

Instead of recycling, many large corporations resign to sending their waste to the landfill.

Recycling helps to minimize waste, but in no way is recycling a viable solution to ensuring the future of Earth, the only livable planet we have.

What if there was another way? Lore Technology, LLC has a solution.

Dissolvable Cups and Containers

The Solution


Dissolvable Cups and Containers Move Us Beyond Recycling

The cup is made of a non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% water-soluble substrate called Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA). It’s also coated with a thin layer of a water insoluble, FDA approved moisture barrier. The PVA is formed into the desired shape and can be colored or dyed with a water-soluble pigment for differentiation and branding purposes.

This cup or container eliminates the need for the lengthy and costly recycling process all together. The technology can also be leveraged for a range of containers and packaging products.

With dissolvable cups and containers, you can reduce your environmental impact and decrease the costs associated with waste removal and storage.

A Solution for Everyone

With Lore Technology dissolvable cups and containers, everyone wins: consumers, businesses, public works and the entire planet.

Consumers can purchase beverages without the guilt of negatively impacting the environment.

Restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, breweries, or any business that uses cups or other containers can reduce their waste and increase profitability.

Finally, the Earth and its inhabitants benefit from a cup that completely and safely dissolves into something that eliminates pollution as well as the costly and lengthy recycling process.

The Future is Now

Lore Technology, LLC is opening the door to a brand new, enormous source of profit for companies who sell their products in plastic containers, cups and bottles. Together we will pave the way to a sustainable, environmentally-friendly future.

Go Beyond Recycling

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